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13 October 2017 - 150 Anniversary Year - Annual Supper and Presentation of Prizes

Our 150th anniversary season was rounded off very successfully this year with our annual supper. President James Crichton welcomed s full house of members and guests to the club where a fine meal was served by Robert Mills and his catering crew. The main speaker for the evening was John Doran who provided his toast to the VOLBC. President James also presented gifts to his father Biff Crichton and Bobby Crawford who had both achieved 50 years of membership.

Honorary VP Jim McKinnon presented the prizes to all the winners before champion Colin McIntyre replied humourously on behalf of the prize winners. Scottish rep Ian Allen and DBA rep Stewart Shields spoke on behalf of their associations.

150 supper programme


View the Image Gallery from the evening >


28 September 2017 - Winners of the Main Competitions

That's the bowling season more or less concluded now. The greens will close on Sunday 1 October to allow work to commence on the drainage. Hopefully this will result in an improvement for next season.

All the competitions have now been completed.

The Winners of the Main Competitions 2017


Brock Cup

Pres V Pres 

150 Sets Comp

2 Bowl singles

Syd Pack Trophy

Senior Champion







I.Barnes jnr

 I Mulholland

C McIntyre

J Harkins

I Mulholland

R Magee & C McIntyre

D.Neave, R Walker and B Weir (1)

R Magee


The winners of the other competitions will be listed on the programme for the annual supper and presentation of prizes, which will be held on Friday 13 October.



22 August 2017 - Championship Final

The weather was good for this year’s final between reigning champion Coley McIntyre and George Allan. It had looked doubtful early in the day but the rain went off and stayed off. In the early ends there was nothing much to split the players, with George possibly shading it. After three ends it was 3-2 to George. At the fourth end he played a nice final bowl to trail the jack for a two. He added one more at the next end. Coley scored singles on each of the next two ends as he appeared to be starting to find the length.

Volbc Championship Final

At the ninth end Coley played some nice drawing shots to lie two or three. George was slightly heavy but with the last bowl of the end he played a perfect running shot that trailed the jack to the ditch for a maximum count of four, putting him in the lead at 10-5. Coley scored two more singles before George counted three nice shots at the 12th end. This put him 13-7 up and he was looking the most likely to go on and win the game at this time. However, he was in the “mad hoose”.

At the 13th end Coley drew two excellent bowls very close to the jack. George tried to rest them out but he was very unlucky twice. This made it 13-9 to George. Coley scored two shots at each of the next two ends  to make it 13-13 after 15. With both players now in the mad hoose the next end was important to see who was first out and it resulted in Coley winning it on a measure to go ahead 14-13, taking the lead for the first time in the game.

At the 17th end Coley lay three after George played some loose shots. He did manage to draw the second with his last bowl to go 13-15 down. Coley was now playing the best bowls and as George struggled with his weight he added another couple to go 17-13 up. At the 19th end George lay the shot but unluckily turned a short bowl of Coley’s in to make it 18-13 to Coley.

At the 20th end George was heavy with his first couple of bowls and Coley drew one right on the jack. George tried to play it out and narrowly missed. Coley was now in touching distance of the championship at 19-13.

Coley played another long jack at the 21st as he had been scoring well at that length. This was a good end and after two bowls each Coley lay the shot. George drew the first shot with his third bowl and then Coley, with his final bowl rested it out for the shot. George had one bowl left and it was a good one, trailing the jack for one to make it 14-19 and finally taking him off 13 having lost eight consecutive ends.

At the next end George pulled the mat out and nailed it with his first bowl then added two more. Coley played a running shot with his third bowl and removed one of George’s bowls. George was short with his last bowl but Coley missed again. The score was now 19-16 to Coley.

At the 23rd end George once again pulled the mat out Coley lay one and George could not beat it leaving Coley looking to draw another with the last bowl. This he duly did, to win the match 21-16.

In retaining the title he won last year Coley was winning his fourth championship and on current form who would bet against him adding to this total. Congratulations to both players for providing a close and entertaining game.

Volbs Champ Finalists 2017


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16 August 2017

Final Scores in Dumbarton Associated Clubs Matches

2017 China Cup

1- Rock 12+60 (12+48)
2- VoL 12+58.25 (12+38.25)
3- Eastfield 10+37 (10+19)
4- Renton 8+27 (8+14)
5- Argyle 8+16 (8-10)
6- Dumbuck 6-23
7- Dixon 6-26
8- Brock 4+1
9- Townend 2-14
10-Dumbarton 0-48
(Full scores in brackets)

2017 DAC Silver Salver final table

1- Rock 115+311
2- Renton 103+360
3- VoL 103+264
4- Eastfield 85+91
5- Argyle 70-15
6- Dumbuck 60-118
7- Dumbarton 54-193
8- Brock 52-107
9- Dixon 50-238
10-Townend 36-302

Congratulations to the Rock on winning the Silver Salver!


14 August 2017 - Report on the 150th Anniversary Celebration Day

Our big 150th anniversary celebration day took place yesterday, Sunday 13 August. President James Crichton welcome a large turnout of more than 100 members and many guests at the clubhouse in the early afternoon with a free drink at the bar. Guests were from the Dumbartonshire Bowling Association, the Dumbarton Associated Clubs and a few from clubs outside of the association.

The weather was as kind as it could be with no rain and bright sunshine for most of the afternoon. A game of 15 ends was organised and as checks were distributed it was clear that both greens would be filled. Some members chose to stand down for the game to allow all the guests to be accommodated.

A cheque for £900 was presented to Gerry O'Hare of the Vale of Leven Hospital Cancer Care unit. This was collected through donations made by the members to the charity bottle on the bar.

presentation cheque cancer care unit

A total of 96 members, including Honorary President Alistair Thomson, then assembled on the green for the official 150th anniversary photograph. This photograph will soon be displayed in the Lounge along with the one from the 125th anniversary. Prints will be made available for purchase from the photographer.

VOLBC members photo

Before the game commenced a "Spider" was organised with a prize of a one gallon bottle of Absolut Vodka. In a spider all the players stand around all four sides of the green with one foot in the ditch with one bowl each to play. The jack is placed in the middle of the green. On a count of three everyone plays their bowl simultaneously resulting in total chaos around the jack. When the dust has settled the player whose bowl is closest to the jack wins the prize. In this case it was won by ex-president Duncan Crawford. Congratulations Duncan!

Spider winner


The game then commenced in the usual friendly way with a considerable level of liquid refreshment being taken by all to replace the sweat lost during the strenuous activity.

Our entertainer, John Fullerton had already started the afternoon's live entertainment in the lounge. When all games were complete everyone gathered in the lounge where several of the guests presented 150th anniversary gifts to the Vale. An enjoyable buffet was then served.

The winners from the afternoon were then announced with Jim Anderson, John Harkins, Sam Gorman and Kenny McLeod being the highest up rink. They were presented with liquid prizes. The second and third highest up rinks also got prizes for their efforts. The four skipped by Iain Mulholland were worthy winners of the "comforters".


The raffle then took place with some generous prizes being on offer before John Fullerton our excellent singer took over by entertaining us once again with his popular choice of music and song. Needless to say, with the level of refreshment partaken by this time, inhibitions had long since been left behind and there was no shortage of volunteers waiting in line to sing for us in an impromptu Karaoke. These came from both members and guests but it is perhaps worth mentioning our very own Donny Cochrane's individualistic version of The Lovely Valley and the marvelous vocal range demonstrated by Jim Alexander in his version of Frank Sinatra's, Ain't that a Kick in the Head. I am sure that some people would have felt like they had been kicked in the head next morning.

Once again our thanks are due to the committee for their work in organising what was a very enjoyable and memorable day. We should also mention the bar staff who coped well with the numbers attending. A lot of work went into this special day and it is appreciated.

A gallery of images of the day's events has been set up. Click here to view this.


Stop Press - Lennox Trophy

In the final match of this year's Lennox Trophy League the Vale won three out of three games clinching the League title for the second year running. Our congratulations go to all who have participated in this league throughout the season. Well done guys.



10 August 2017

Sunday 14 August 2017

John Wilkie founder

On Sunday members and guests will celebrate the 150th Anniversary of our foundation with a special afternoon at the clubhouse. All members are invited to attend. Try to be there as early as possible and no later than 1.45. This is to allow the match committee to arrange rinks, etc.

A photographer has been organised to take a special 150 anniversary photograph of all members who are in attendance so a full turnout would be appreciated. This photograph will be taken at Please wear blazer, shirt and tie.

There will be a spider before we start the game with a prize of a gallon bottle of vodka to the winner. Sandwiches and sausage rolls will be provided after the game. Donations for the raffle will be gratefully received.

Popular singing sensation John Fullerton will provide entertainment after the game.

Hope everyone has a fantastic day!

Bowling Club president


8 August 2017

DAC League winners 2017 VOLBC

The Pale Ale clinched the league title last night in a very exciting match against Argyle BC on Eastfield. It has been an amazing eight days in our bowling calendar. Last Monday evening we captured the McFarlane Triples. On Saturday we won the Burgh cup and last night, the league.

Aggregated score games generally make for a very exciting match and last night was no different. The Vale started well then Argyle took the initiative. The lead swung from side to side for the rest of the game. With three or four ends to go Argyle briefly took a ten shot lead. The Vale rallied and soon squared things again.

With three games completed and one end to count in the final game the Vale were holding a five shot lead. Despite Argyle’s best efforts they could only muster three shots and the Vale won a very exciting match by a two shot margin.

Let’s keep it going in the Quaich tonight!


7 August 2017

2017 Burgh Cup

1- Vale of Leven 12+76 (14+54)
2- Rock 12+60 (14+55)
3- Eastfield 12+48 (12+37)
4- Renton 10+51 (10+40)
5- Dumbarton 6-24
6- Argyle 4+16 (4-13)
7- Dixon 4-43
8- Townend 2-8
9- Brock 2-29
10-Dumbuck 0-55
(Full scores from eight rink teams in brackets)

2017 DAC Silver Salver (game 9 of 10)

1- Rock 103+263
2- Renton 95+346
3- VoL 91+226
4- Eastfield 75+62
5- Argyle 62-5
6- Dumbuck 54-95
7- Dumbarton 54-145
8- Brock 48-108
9- Dixon 44-212
10-Townend 34-288


1 August 2017

Results Update - another great result in winning the McFarlane Trophy

2017 McFarlane Trophy

1- Vale of Leven 12 +28
2- Argyle 12 +16
3- Renton 11 +43
4- Eastfield 11 +20
5- Rock 8 -2
6- Dumbarton 8 -5
7- Dixon 6 -31
8- Dumbuck 4 +13
9- Brock 4 -27
10-Townend 4 -55

2017 DAC Silver Salver (game 8 of 10)

1- Rock 89 +208
2- Renton 85 +306
3- Vale of Leven 77 +172
4- Eastfield 63 +27
5- Argyle 58 +8
6- Dumbuck 54 -40
7- Dumbarton 48 -121
8- Brock 46 -79
9- Dixon 40 -169
10-Townend 32 -280


23 July 2017

VOLBC Annual Open Fours Competition

After a day of terrific competition a four from Maitland BC came out on top against Alan Crichton's Vale rink (George Allan, Kenny Crichton, Iain Mulholland and Alan Crichton) in the final. The day was marred by some heavy showers but it was largely dry and thankfully the weather was not nearly as bad as had been forecast. The greens held up well throughout.

The competition started just after 10.00 and continued until after 21.00 in the evening. Fittingly, for our 150th Anniversary year, this was one of the biggest club competitions for many years with 128 players making up the 32 rinks who participated. I doubt that there has been anything approaching this in the shire in the last 20 years. It was good to see entries from so many clubs from across the country. We had two rinks from Edinburgh, four from Cumbernauld/Condorrat, two from Fife and two from from Lochgilphead plus teams from the DAC, Campsie, Radnor, OK and other local clubs.

Four sections of eight teams played seven sectional matches with the winners of each section playing off in the semi finals and final. The prize money of £1600 was shared between the final four teams. Thanks to Alan McGowan for his help with sponsorship and to the committee for their efforts in organising this and ensuring that the tournament flowed throughout the day. Congratulations to Maitland BC on their win.

Vale of Leven Open fours winners Maitland BC
President James Crichton presents the winning four from Maitland BC with the trophy .



12 July 2017

Results Update

2017 Centenary Trophy 

1- Rock 12+82 (14+80) 
2- VoL 12+29 (12+22)
3- Renton 8+38 (8+22)
4- Eastfield 8+13 (8-3)
5- Dumbuck 8+3
6- Argyle 4-3 (4-25) 
7- Dumbarton 4-11
8- Dixon 4-29
9- Townend 4-33
10-Brock 2-17
(Final totals in brackets) 

2017 DAC Silver Salver (game 6 of 10)

1- Rock 69+182
2- Renton 64+247
3- VoL 59+142
4- Argyle 42+19
5- Eastfield 42-38
6- Dumbuck 40-52
7- Brock 37-45
8- Dumbarton 29-149
9- Dixon 26-148
10-Townend 24-162 

League Trophy Results 10/7/17

VoL 74 Brock 50
Renton 67 Dumbarton 57
Townend 40 Rock 78
Dixon 53 Argyle 65

Section A Standings

VoL 6+39
Renton 4+41
Brock 4+12
Dumbarton 2-21
Dumbuck 0-71

Section B Standings

Rock 6+116
Argyle 6+19
Eastfield 2+8
Dixon 2-13
Townend 0-130

Last round of games are on Monday 24th July 6:45pm


26 June 2017

Results Update

2017 Norrie Stephen Memorial Trophy 

1- Renton 12+78 (12+71)
2- Rock 11+20 (11+12)
3- VoL 10+53 (10+38)
4- Argyle 6+31 (6+11)
5- Eastfield 6-7 (6-19)
6- Dumbuck 6-10
7- Dixon 5-1
8- Townend 4-20
9- Brock 4-37
10- Dumbarton 4-41
(Full scores in brackets) 

2017 DAC Silver Salver(game 4 of 10)

1- Renton 45+207
2- Rock 44+82
3- VoL 36+96
4- Argyle 30+27
5- Eastfield 28-21
6- Brock 26-50
7- Dumbuck 25-32
8- Dumbarton 21-114
9- Dixon 15-89
10-Townend 14-119


12 June 2017

VOLBC Two Bowl Pairs

Congratulations to Jim McDonald and Colin Cosham on winning the two bowl pairs on Sunday 11 June. Commiserations to beaten finalists Graeme Davidson and David Winslow.


Results Update

Strathleven Rosebowl

1- Renton 12+69 (16+78)
2- Rock 8+48 (8+25)
3- VoL 8+36 (8+4)
4- Brock 8+6
5- Argyle 8 +/-0 (8-23)
6- Dumbuck 7+7
7- Eastfield 5+2 (5-11) 
8- Townend 4-8
9- Dumbarton 4-34
10- Dixon 0-45 

(Full scores in brackets) 

2017 DAC Silver Salver (game 3 of 10)

1- Renton 33+136
2- Rock 33+70
3- VoL 26+58
4- Argyle 24+16
5- Eastfield 22-2 
6- Brock 22-13
7- Dumbuck 19-22
8- Dumbarton 17-73
9- Dixon 10-78
10-Townend 10-89 


20 May 2017

Vale of Leven Bowling Club 150th Anniversary

Open Fours Tournament Saturday 22nd July


2016 open fours winners

This is special tournament being held as part of the celebration of our 150th anniversary. With a prize pot of £1600 this year we expect high demand for entry forms so get yours in as soon as you can. If you would like to enter a team contact any director or call 01389 752330.

Sponsored by Castle Rock Minibus Services


7 May 2017

Yesterday saw the first of the club's domestic competitions completed when the rink consisting of Alex Keiller, Dee Mitchell. Tom McCrae and Ian Dennett won the the Open Qualifying tournament by beating Stuart Thompson's rink by one shot in the final.

The "Open Qualifier", which doubles as the club fours tournament, is always a popular fixture. This year 16 rinks participated in glorious sunshine but the old guys proved to be the strongest despite having to play a total of around 47 ends over the day.

Well done to them in winning the Arthur Tatlow Cup.

Opening of the green


11 April 2017

The opening day on our 150th anniversary on Saturday 8 April was a fantastic occasion. The weather was as good as it gets for this time of year and the club was full to capacity with members and guests.

President of VOLBC

After the speeches the green was opened in the traditional way by Jacqueline Crichton, wife of President James Crichton. The ladies in the party were then presented with their bouquets of flowers by our lovely flower girl, Isobel Rennie.

Opening of the green

President James welcomed an encouraging seven new members who were presented with their membership on the green.

Before commencing the opening game the members who were present gathered on the green for a photograph to commemorate the 150th Anniversary. This will eventually be framed and displayed on the wall of the lounge. Both greens were full for the opening game of nine ends, which was played in shirt sleeves this year in the beautiful weather.

The new patio area proved very popular in the sunshine and it is clearly going to be well used when the weather is kind to us.

Lawn bowlers clebrating

After the game the celebrations continued in the lounge where the large crowd were entertained by Colin Mac who kept things going until closing time.

It was clear from the feedback of the members that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day and the fact that it all went so well is largely due to the hard work by the committee during the last few weeks. Our thanks are due to all who contributed to what was a really successful and special occasion.

You can view a large selection of images from the opening day by clicking the link below.

< Image Gallery >


15 March 2017

Lounge Entertainment Saturday 18 March

Come along and enjoy our fantastic singer, Eileen, in the lounge on Saturday evening from 8 till late.


New Patio and Barbecue Area

A new patio and Barbecue area has been created and it's looking great. Thanks to Alan McGowan who donated the benches in memory of his mum and dad, Ian and Rena. We are also grateful to Irwin Barnes, the Project Manager and George Allan who helped build the benches assisted by SL Timber.

A barbecue will also be provided before the start of the season.

Bowling Club Patio



Bowling Club Patio


Bowling Club Patio


9 March 2017

The fixture card for our 150th Anniversary year is now available

2017 Fixture Card



23 February 2017

club badges

This year's special 150th Anniversary opening day will be on Saturday 8th April. The greens will be opened at 14.00. A large turnout is requested for this special occasion.

President James has requested that all members wear the full uniform of grey trousers, blazer, white shirt and club tie for this occasion as it is planned to have a picture taken of all the members who are present. This will be similar to the image that was taken for the 125 year celebration, which can be seen on the wall in the lounge next to the door. It would be nice to have as many as possible included in this image as it will be displayed in the clubhouse for very many years to come.

Lounge Entertainment Saturday 25 February

Popular local band Simple October will be appearing in the lounge on Saturday evening from around 8pm. Why not come along for a great evening and enjoy free entertainment from one of the best bands around.

Simple October


10 February 2017

Our annual Burns Supper took place in the clubhouse on Friday 10th February. This was our 23rd supper, a very popular event and it continues to go from strength to strength. The members and guests who attended enjoyed a very entertaining evening which included a traditional meal provided and served by Robert Mills' Venue Catering team.

David McDonald was the chairman for the evening and the Immortal Memory was proposed by John McKenzie. This was followed by very entertaining toasts, readings, music, sangs and clatter.

The program is shown below along with a link to an image gallery from the evening.

Apologies for the quality of the images. These were all taken by mobile phones as I forgot to take my camera. If anyone has additional images of reasonable quality feel free to send them to me (Bryan Weir)


Burns supper programme front

Burns Supper Programme

< Image Gallery >


 03 February 2017

Notice of Annual General Meeting

The AGM will be held a week on 13th Feb at 19.30 in the clubhouse. The standard notification is in the Lennox Herald but they have mistakenly published it in the diary pages. A large turnout of members is requested.


Upcoming Entertainment

Saturday 4th February - In Lounge 20.00 to Late

Jaikets forGoalposts


Saturday 11th February - Fun Quiz Night In Lounge 19.30

Boqling club Quiz Night


1 February 2017 - Silver Salver Fixtures for 2017

Burgh Cup - Sat 13th May
Kirkwood Bowl - Sat 27th May
Syd Walters Triples - Mon 5th June
Strathleven Rosebowl - Sat 10th June
Norrie Stephen Mem. - Sat 24th June
Centenary Trophy - Sat 8th July
Ballantine Shield Pairs - Mon 17th July
McFarlane Trophy - Mon 31st July
Wm. Denny Shield - Sat 5th August
China Cup Sat - 12th Aug

League Trophy Fixture Dates

1 - Mon 8th May
2 - Mon 22nd May
3 - Mon 19th June
4 - Mon 10th July
5 - Mon 24th July

* Please Note : All clubs will only play on 4 of the 5 dates with the League Final on Mon 7th August at a neutral venue.

Other Dates of Note

Five Fours

DABC v G&DBA - Sunday April 30th at Vale of Leven B.C.

DABC v K&DBA - Sunday May 14th at Dixon B.C.

C&DBA V DABC - Sunday June 4th at Singer B.C.

Host Game - Friday 14th July 6.30pm for 7pm start at Vale of Leven BC.

Champion of Champions round 1 & 2 - Sat 2nd September at Dixon BC.

Champion of Champion Semi Finals & Final - Sun 3rd Sept at Vale of Leven BC.

DAC Supper - Friday 6th October at Vale of Leven BC


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