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15 October 2016

VOLBC TrophiesA very successful annual supper and presentation of prizes was held in the clubhouse on Friday 14th October. After an excellent meal provided by Robert Mills and his catering team, president Alistair Davie welcomed the assembled members and guests with his remarks on the season just completed.

David (Dee) Mitchell then offered the toast to the Vale of Leven Bowling Club followed by a special, surprise guest speaker, the aforementioned Robert Mills, who delivered a witty speech detailing his connections with club over many years.

This was followed by the presentation of prizes, which this year were presented by Honorary VP James McKinnon.

The traditional club champion's reply on behalf of the prize winners was by Colin McIntyre , who entertained us with a very witty speech (despite his nerves).

The evening concluded with the vote of thanks, delivered by Duncan Crawford in his own inimitable way. Duncan's speech was enjoyed by the audience, who by this time had been amply fed and "watered". Most of the members and guests then adjourned to the lounge to continue the evening.

Once again we kept up the tradition of the Vale having one of the best presentations in the area and everyone had a great time. We have to thank the committee once again for making this such a good night. These evenings do not just happen. There is a lot of hard work and meticulous planning involved so thanks to all who contributed.

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14 September 2016

You will all be aware that with our 150th Anniversary celebrations next year we shall be hosting many friendlies and other matches. We would hope to have the greens in the best possible condition for our guests in what will be a very busy year. The heads on the West green are currently very badly scuffed, "skinned" and damaged. The cause of this is twofold - the wet weather and poorly delivered bowls.

The committee are asking all members to ensure that when you deliver your bowls you release them just above the surface of the green. Releasing bowls from a height ("dumping") causes serious damage when the bowls hit the playing surface. This is particularly true when the greens are wet. While this damage is repairable it does take some time for the greens to recover and they cannot recover while people are still dumping their bowls.

Irwin Barnes, our Greens Convenor, has had a meeting with David McBride (our greenkeeping consultant) and Brian Logue, who cuts the grass. As a result he is requesting that all members afternoon games and bounce games be played on the East green until the end of the season. This will rest the West green to some extent and hopefully give it a chance to start recovering.

We would also ask each of you to ensure that your delivery is not damaging the greens. Those who are dumping their bowls should be quite aware that they are doing so. We need everyone to consider this and if necessary adjust their delivery.

Further comments on what we can do to address this situation on an on-going basis would be welcomed. Please contact Irwin if you have anything to add.

Green Closure

Weather permitting, both greens will remain open until Sunday 2 October. They will then be closed to allow coring to take place as part of the winter maintenance programme for our 150th next year..


11 September 2016

Yesterday's China Cup match concludes the DAC fixtures that re used to calculate the winners of the silver salver. Results are below. Congratulations to Renton BC on narrowly winning the China Cup from the Vale and on their win in the Silver Salver

2016 China Cup

1- Renton 12+81
2- VoL 12+49
3- Dumbuck 10+61
4- Dumbarton 10+40
5- Rock 10+39
6- Dixon 8+2
7- Townend 6-23
8- Argyle 4-5
9- Brock 0-44
10-Eastfield 0-45

Final Silver Salver standings

1- Renton 108 +398
2- Rock 105 +416
3- VoL 98+326
4- Dumbuck 81+161
5- Eastfield 66+77
6- Argyle 66+66
7- Dumbarton 64+51
8- Brock 63-10
9- Dixon 53-77
10-Townend 39-372

Top Ten Finals 2017

We have just been notified that we have been drawn away to Alva Bowling Club in Clackmannanshire in the preliminary round of next year's top ten.

Ladies Champion of Champions

A great victory for the ladies section with Margaret Smith beating Marilynne Phillips of Dumbarton 21-17 in the Champion of Champions at Eastfield this afternoon.

This follows last Monday's victory for the Vale Ladies over Renton in the annual Levenvalley cup game.

Well done to the ladies!



30 August 2016


Championship Final Report

Championship Finalists

About 50 or 60 people turned up to watch the championship final between Colin (Coley) McIntyre and Iain Robb tonight. Fortunately the weather and conditions were as good as it gets for this time of year and the green looked to be running very well.

In the early exchanges Coley proved to be most consistent taking a 6-0 lead after four ends. At the fifth end Iain got off the mark by playing a nice bowl to trail the jack for two shots. At the next end, with two shots against him, Coley drove at the head spreading the jack to take one shot for a 7-2 lead. On the 7th Iain drew the shot with his last bowl to make it 7-3.

Both players were finding the range well and with a couple of shots against him Coley drove at the head again at the 8th end. He caught the jack perfectly putting it into the ditch with his own toucher about three feet away. Iain drew a shot that was perfectly weighted to lie the shot about 9 inches from the ditch in line with the jack. Colin tried to remove Ian's shot with a drive and missed leaving Iain just three shots behind at 7-4.

He added another at the next end and at the 10th he drew the shot with his last bowl. Coley failed to change it leaving Iain just one down on 7-6. With both players playing well and the shot changing regularly Iain peeled it on the 13th end at 9-9, taking a two after Coley’s drive had missed the target. At this stage Iain looked like he had found his form.
Both players were drawing well to the jack but Coley took two at each of the next two ends to go into a 13-9 lead after 15. At this stage he again began to look the more comfortable of the two. The next two ends were unspectacular. With each player taking singles to make it 14-10 to Coley after 17 ends.

At the 18th some lovely drawing shots were played by both players. Iain played his last bowl to edge one of Coley’s bowls out and lie 2 shots. Coley played a good bowl with his last to take the second shot.¬† Iain added another shot at the 19th to bring his deficit back to 14-12.

At the 20th end some wonderful drawing shots were played. Ian drew one a few short inches in front of the jack then added another a similar distance behind. Coley then played an absolute hummer to draw the first directly behind the jack for a 15-12 lead. He was piling on the pressure adding one at the 21st and three great bowls at the 22nd to lead by 19 shots to 12.

At this stage it looked like there was only going to be one winner and so it proved. At the penultimate end Iain lay 2 shots but Coley played a running shot and spread the jack again. Ian drew the shot but Coley played what proved to be the shot with his last bowl to lead by 20 shots to 12.

The final end was not the best with some loose bowls from both players but Coley got the single that he needed to become this year’s champion. It was a great match to watch with some fine bowling. Iain has played worse than this and won matches comfortably so commiserations to him and congratulations to Coley.

Champion 2016

(Just some minor criticism. We should perhaps have had someone marking the scoreboard and also, both players were using red stickers, which caused some confusion for the spectators. Maybe we should ensure that in future stickers are changed for important games like this.)

View the photo gallery from the game >


30 August 2016

Championship Final Tonight

The club championship final with Colin McIntyre and Iain Robb will take place tonight at 18:15 so try to get down to the club and ensure that there is a good crowd to support the finalists.

Interested in Coaching?

If you are interested in becoming a bowls coach you can download the application form and send it to the Regional Development Officer, Laura Kerr.
Laura Kerr
Regional Development Officer - West
Bowls Scotland
National Centre for Bowling
Northfield, Hunters Avenue,
Ayr KA8 9AL
Mobile: 07715025736


24 August 2016

DAC Senior Champion of Champions 2016

Congratulations to the Vale's Tommy Dennett winner of the Senior Champion of Champions  for 2016. Tommy beat Joe Miller of Dixon BC by 21 shots to 18 on the Argyll BC this afternoon in an exciting final.


22 August 2016

2016 2 bowl Triples winners

Congratulations to Rab McKenzie, Sandy Campbell and Iain Robb on winning this years Two-bowl Triples. Commiserations to the runners-up, G.Davidson, A.McGowan and S.Johnston.

Just a reminder that the top green will be getting used for the ladies Champion of Champions next Sunday. Good luck to Margaret Smith who will be representing the Vale after beating Margaret Weir in last week's VOLBC ladies final.


15 August 2016

Result in William Denny Shield Saturday 13th August

1- Rock 12+65
2- Renton 12+56
3- VOL 9+11
4- Dumbuck 8+8...
5- Argyle 6+29
6- Dixon 6+22
7- Brock 6+17
8- Eastfield 6+11
9- Dumbarton 6-9
10-Townend 2-39

Silver Salver (game 9 of 10)

1- Renton 96+317
2- Rock 95+377
3- VOL 86+287
4- Dumbuck 71+100
5- Eastfield 66+122
6- Brock 63+34
7- Argyle 62+71
8- Dumbarton 54+11
9- Dixon 45-79
10-Townend 33-349

It looks like the Silver Salver is out of reach now with the Rock and Renton 10 points and nine points ahead of us respectively but let's aim to retain the China Cup on September 10th to finish of a successful, competitive season.

The Quaich

The rescheduled Quaich semi-final will be played on Tuesday 23rd Aug. at 6.30pm away to Brock BC. If you are playing please ensure that you are at the club no later than 6.10 pm. The same teams that were selected for last week's postponed game will play. If you can't make it please let a member of the match committee know asap.


10 August 2016

Recovering well after the disappointment of the under 45s narrow defeat last Thursday evening we took the Centenary Cup on Saturday and the Top Ten on Sunday. The Vale's August victory train is rolling on! Last night we clinched the Lennox Trophy. This trophy joins the Centenary Cup and the DBA Top Ten final to give us our third great result in four days.

Congratulations to all who have participated in this year's Lennox Trophy and to Duncan Crawford who has been primarily responsible for organising the teams for this competition.


7 August 2016

Top Ten Final - VOLBC v Kirkintilloch BC- Result!

The Top Ten Winners

Second update of the day and more celebrations for the VOLBC.

As I said yesterday, the Top Ten format usually makes for a very exciting and entertaining game. Today's final really lived up to all our expectations. In my opinion, those who were there witnessed as good a match as you are likely to see anywhere.

The final was played at the Rock in conditions that were less than ideal. A strong wind made judging line and weight very difficult and while the rain stayed off for most of the game when it finally arrived nearing the end of the match it did so with a vengeance.

The singles between Alan Bruce and last year's Scottish under 25 singles winner. Allan Barrie was a see saw affair. Alan Bruce started very strongly and soon raced into a six shot to zero lead. At this stage spectators could have been forgiven for thinking that Alan looked very much the favourite to go on and win convincingly but the game was in its infancy. Allan Barrie steadied the ship and rallied very well to go into the lead four ends later. He soon took a hold of the game and at 13-7 it looked like there was only going to be one winner.

Alan Bruce refused to let his head go down and while still behind, he managed to keep himself in the game with some good and stubborn play. The game turned again, swinging his way and he eventually passed Allan once more. With the score at 19-18 he lay two shots for the game. The other Allan had the last bowl and to his credit he managed to play the pressure shot to draw the required second shot and take the game to another end.

At the next end Allan Barrie played the steadier bowls. He lay two shots after two bowls each played and our Alan could not change this with his third. Allan added another to lie game. It was time for Alan to decide to play the draw with his last bowl or drive at the head to try to remove one or more of Allan's bowls. He opted for the draw and failed so Allan Barrie won by a score of 21-20. This was an engrossing and entertaining game much appreciated by the spectators. It was a pity someone had to lose.

In the pairs Tom Dennett and Coley McIntyre were up against a very much in-form pair from Kirkie. They soon leapt into an 8-2 lead. Our pair were struggling to stay in touch but somehow they managed to do so and held the score to four down at the last end. This end did not go their way and Kirkie grabbed a three to win by seven shots. With two games, the triples and the fours, to be completed this meant that Vale were on 0 points and -8 shots. It was not looking good.

The triples and the fours matches had been pretty close throughout but the Vale grabbed a few shots towards the end in both games. Gordon Baxter's rink had been rock steady all day and they eventually won by four shots. This meant that the Vale were on 2 points and Kirkie on 4 with a four shot advantage. The Vale triple, playing their last end, needed to win by five shots and going into the last end they were just one shot up. Some steady play at the last had them lying three shots and Iain Robb added another. The Kirkie skip failed to change things to leave the Vale to celebrate what was a really superb victory. The players from both sides are to be commended for contributing to an excellent match in trying conditions.

(Apologies if I have got any minor detail wrong but I was busy watching the game!)

View the photo gallery from the game >


7 August 2016

2016 Centenary Trophy Winners

2016 Centenary Trophy

Congratulations to the players who brought home the Centenary Trophy yesterday. Another fine win for the Vale.

1- VoL 12+77
2- Renton 12+48
3- Rock 10+47
4- Dumbuck 10+38
5- Argyle 8+22
6- Eastfield 6+7
7- Brock 6+1
8- Dumbarton 4-10
9- Dixon 2-39
10-Townend 0-66

This keeps us in with a shout for the silver salver with two games to go.

Silver Salver (game 8 of 10)

1- Renton 84+261
2- Rock 83+312
3- VoL 77+276
4- Dumbuck 63+92
5- Eastfield 60+111
6- Brock 57+17
7- Argyle 56+42
8- Dumbarton 48-20
9- Dixon 39-101
10-Townend 31-310

Let's get as many as possible down to the Rock today to cheer on the Top Ten Team. It's a 2pm start!


6 August 2016


Top Ten Logo

DBA Top Ten Final Sunday 7 August 2016 at 2pm

Vale of Leven BC versus Kirkintilloch BC on Rock BC



Alan Bruce


Colin McIntyre


Colin Cosham
Irwin Barnes Jr.
Iain Robb


Jim Brechin
James Crichton
Alan Crichton
Gordon Baxter Jr.

The Top Ten format makes these games are very entertaining. Let's try to ensure that we have as many supporters as possible down at the Rock to cheer our guys on.


William Denny Shield - Saturday 13 August

We are looking for 36 names (9 rinks) for next Saturday but only have 24 names have been entered so far. If you are available for selection please add your name to the sheet asap. We had planned to pick the team tomorrow but we'll probably have to wait a day or two until we have enough names.


3 August 2016

Under 45s Tournament Final

Our under 45 team of Craig Duncan Jr., Stewart Thomson, Irwin Barnes Jr. and Alan Bruce were narrowly pipped in the final tonight on the Rock Bowling Club by a strong Old Kilpatrick four. The early ends were closely contested in some shocking weather and torrential rain showers, which would have closed most greens. The Rock showed how good its drainage is with the rink playing very well in horrible conditions.

The early exchanges were close and although the OK lads seemed to have the edge the score was 7 each after eight ends. From that point OK took command and only some excellent bowling from Alan Bruce kept the Vale boys in any sort of contention. With two ends to go the Vale were 7 shots behind and in an exciting end Alan moved the jack with the last bowl to give the Vale three shots.

The last end saw the Vale boys playing well enough to hold a shot or two and Irwin Barnes added one with his last bowl to see the Vale lie three. Alan Bruce added another close bowl with his last to see the Vale possibly lie 4 shots. The OK skip failed to change things and after a measure the Vale were awarded 4 shots to take the game into an extra end.

The shot changed hands a couple of times in the extra end but after some excellent play from the OK back end they had created a match winning position and Alan Bruce was left with an extremely difficult shot for his last bowl. On this occasion Alan was unable to change things and the OK boys were the winners. All of the players are to be commended in making this such an exciting game in very poor conditions.

under 45s

under 45s

under 45s

under 45s

Under 45s

under 45s

under 45s

under 45s


Final league game results and placings

Section B

VoL 88 Townend 39
J Crichton 18 R Scott 10
C Cosham 27 A Crawford 4
C McIntyre 22 J Marshall 8
G Allan 21 F Stevenson 17

Eastfield 49 Renton 69
A McFarlane 18 A Kane 9
S Hardie 11 C Cassidy 21
S Buchanan 9 R O'Malley 18
B Barnes 11 M Keenan 21

Final League Standings

Renton 8pts +106
VoL 6pts +58
Eastfield 4pts -7
Brock 2pts -45
Townend 0pts -112


29 July 2016

Due to date clash with our participation in the county final of the Top Ten competition the ladies pairs has been postponed until a Sunday later in the season. The ladies have a meeting on Monday evening during which this will be discussed and hopefully we can give you a new date after this. To determine the level of interest in the Mixed Pairs competition a sheet seeking names for this will be posted on the competition board this weekend.

(The Vale will play Kirkintilloch BC in the final of the DBA Top Ten at Rock BC on Sunday 7 Aug. at 2pm)

The Centenary Trophy competition will take place on 6 August. Teams for this will be selected on Sunday so if you don't have your name up for this you still have time.

The sheet has been posted for the William Denny Shield, which will be played on Saturday 13th August. We need 9 rinks for this game - the second last cup game of the season and we are still in the reckoning for the silver salver. We need to field strong teams for these final fixtures so please put your name up for these games if you are available .


25 July 2016

Congratulations to Alan Bruce's 4 on winning the our Open 4's on Saturday, which was kindly sponsored by Castle Rock Coaches once again. The semi-finalist teams were skipped by G.Baxter VOL, A.Bruce VOL, J.Readhead Duffus Park and A.Guy Lochgilphead.

In a couple of tight games it was A.Bruce and A Guy who made it through to the final. This was a closely contested game with both teams playing superb bowls. In the end the winners were D.Nicolson, A.M Campbell, J.Shearer and A.Bruce. A wee Image Gallery has been created below. Some of the images had to be trimmed or altered for the website so apologies for the quality.

  • Gallery Image

    2016 Open 4s Winners

  • Gallery Image

    2016 Open 4s Runners up

  • Gallery Image

    Semi Finals

  • Gallery Image
  • Gallery Image
  • Gallery Image<
  • Gallery Image
  • Gallery Image
  • Gallery Image
  • Gallery Image


Under 45s Competition

Congratulations also to our Under 45 team on winning yesterday's district final against Dumbarton BC by 16 shots to 8. They now play Old Kilpatrick on Wednesday 3rd August at Rock BC, good luck to C Duncan Jr., S Thomson, I Barnes Jr. and A Bruce.


20 July 2016

Congratulations to Tommy Dennett on winning the Senior Championship for the eighth time. This is an amazing achievement. Tommy beat Iain Mulholland in the final.

Message from your match convenor.

Hi Guys,

On Monday night I had to put about 12 people through in the 2 bowl singles which I find incredible. This competition was drawn well over three weeks ago and more than half of the ties were not played, last Friday was the only night the greens were unplayable so I find it poor that this amount of ties weren't played. I've tried to be pretty flexible with people asking for extensions, especially with members who are constantly representing the club and are finding it hard to fit their ties in, There are people suggesting that we shouldn't put dates up apart from the championship but in my mind that's just ludicrous.

We have left at least 3 weeks between rounds up to now, which I think is ample time to play your ties. I've said before if you are struggling to get your ties played because someone is being awkward please use the challenge book or if you are looking for an extension of a day or two please speak to me or email me and I'll do what I can to help. I'm not a mind reader so I can only go with the dates on the sheets.

There will be an opening next year for match convenor so if anyone is up for it please contact me and I'll see what I can do. Good luck to everyone for the remainder of the season and hopefully you'll all get your ties played on time.

James Crichton
(Match Convenor)

Under 45s Competition

Our under 45s team will be playing Dumbarton on Eastfield this Sunday (24th) at 2.00pm. They would appreciate your support so get along there is you can.


19 July 2016

The team had great results in the Ballantyne Shield Pairs last night but unfortunately we were pipped by Renton BC who won the shield with 14 points to our 13. However the result keeps us in with a shout for the silver salver.

2016 Ballantine Shield Pairs happy face
1- Renton 14+61
2- VoL 13+62
3- Argyle 10+17...
4= Brock 8-14
4= Dixon 8-14
6- Rock 7+11
7- Eastfield 6+12
8- Dumbuck 6-38
9- Dumbarton 4-45
10-Townend 4-52

2016 DAC Silver Salver(game 7 of 10)
1- Rock 73+265
2- Renton 72+213
3- VoL 65+209
4- Eastfield 54+104
5- Dumbuck 53+54
6- Brock 51+16
7- Argyle 48+20
8- Dumbarton 44-10
9- Dixon 37-72
10-Townend 31-244

Good luck to the guy's playing in the Lennox Trophy tonight, keep up the good form.

Unfortunately a rink has pulled out of Saturdays Open, so since we have already made the draw were hoping to get a rink from our own club to fill in, if anyone wants to play let me or one of the match committee know, first 4 will be in.

18 July 2016

The sections have been drawn for Saturday's Invitation 4s tournament.

tournament draw

Congratulations to our Under 45 DBA team on winning against the Rock yesterday, a good showing from all 4 against a strong team. They now play Dumbarton next Sunday with the venue yet to be decided.

Good luck to all representing the club in the Ballantine Pairs tonight.

Sheets are up for the Centenary Trophy, Argyle friendly, Club Triples and Two Bowl Triples.


14 July 2016 Update

Top Ten
In front of a decent crowd and after a very exciting match the "Pale Ale" won through in the Top Ten District Final this evening against Renton BC at the Vale.

In the singles Alan Bruce got off to a good start but he was up against a worthy opponent in Michael Keenan. Michael stepped up a gear and eventually won fairly easily by 21 shots to 10.

The pairs, triples and fours matches were all very close. Iain Robb's triple won through in a very close match against David McCarry. Coley McIntyre and Tommy Dennett won the pairs in a another cliff hanger of a finish. Both of these games were decided on the last end and they finished within a few seconds of each other leaving only the fours to be decided. Gordon Baxter's four had held a narrow lead for a few ends but the Renton came back at them towards the end and managed to sneak into a one shot lead at the penultimate end.

At the final end the Vale were lying a good shot before Renton third Duncan Ballantyne removed it with a running bowl and lay one. Gordon tried to remove this with his first bowl but he was slightly high and missed the target. Renton's Andy Kane then drew what could have been a second shot for Renton but it was a measure.

Gordon picked out the winner with his second attempt, the final bowl of the match, and the match result went to the measure. Umpire Jim Irwin, who had had a very busy evening, measured the two bowls and the Vale won the measure to peel their game, which was all that was required for victory.

We now move on to the County final at the Rock on 7th August. Well done to our guys and commiserations to the Renton.

The Last End

top ten

top ten

top ten

top ten

14 July 2016

Our Top Ten team is playing tonight, at home versus Renton BC in the DBA district final. The match starts at 18.45 and we would like to see as many members as possible down at the club to support our guys in this important game. the weather forecast is good and it is always an exciting game against our old rivals so lets see you there!

The Team

Singles: A Bruce
Pairs: T Dennett, C McIntyre
Triples: C Cosham, I Barnes Jnr, I Robb
Rink: J Brechin, J Crichton, JG Anderson, G Baxter

match calls to mind a report in the club history page.

old clubhouse

The Vale's rivalry with Renton Bowling Club appears to have been in evidence right from the start. The result of a "match" was reported between the two clubs in the local paper in October 1870 as being in favour of the Vale by 16 shots. The next week the Renton Secretary wrote to the paper asking for a correction and saying that no "match" had taken place between the two clubs since the previous July. He was actually playing with semantics since he considered that a "game" had been played as opposed to a "match", The next week the following letter appeared.

October 27th 1870

A Matchless Game

Dear sir, in your last Thursday's paper
a small epistolary caper,
appears about a match at bowls,
played by some Vale of Leven souls
With other bodes from, I think,
A club looked on as "nae sma drink."

'Tis often asked what's in a name?
a mighty deal a bowler's game
is not a match at bowls at all;
nor is a match a game: to call
it so creates complete confusion,
and simply propagates delusion.

When you report news of this nature,
remember bowler's nomenclature,
and don't say match when 'tis a game,
for club and game laws this condemn.

The 'match' referred to should have been
a game, but, 'twill at once be seen,
the grand result the same remains,
'Spite of the Secretary's pains,
two Renton rinks were fairly routed,
there's no "mistake" at all about it

(Note the name :o)

Ladies Triples - Sunday 10th July

The ladies held a successful open triples competition on Sunday at the Vale. This was sponsored once again by Billy McMillan.

We had two Vale triples in the semi finals, Jade Slattery, Margaret Weir and Margaret Smith, who lost to Colgrain  and Christine Craig, Eleanor Stewart and Mary Ainslie, who beat Whitecrook. Unfortunately Mary Ainslie's team lost to Colgrain in the final.


11 July 2016

Unfortunately we had some disappointing results in the McFarlane Trophy 2016 on Saturday.

Sad face1- Rock 12+56
2- Argyle 10+26
3- Eastfield 9+21
4- Renton 9+2
5- Brock 9-12
6- Dumbuck 8-16
7- Townend 8-23
8- Dumbarton 6-27
9- VoL 5+3
10-Dixon 4-31

In the 2016 DAC Silver Salver and after the 6th game of 10 this leaves the league positions as follows.

1- Rock 66+254
2- Renton 58+152
3- VoL 52+147
4- Eastfield 48+92
5- Dumbuck 47+92
6- Brock 43+30
7- Dumbarton 40+35
8- Argyle 38+3
9- Dixon 29-58
10-Townend 27-192

Congratulations to our under 45's who were 18 up against the Brock BC yesterday, they now play Rock BC at the Argyle BC this Sunday 17th July. Good luck to everyone playing in the EMJ Top Ten tonight at home against Renton "A".

Teams have now been selected for the Rock friendly for this Saturday so could you sign your name asap, everyone who put their name up will play.

Teams have also been selected for Ballantines Pairs which will be played a week tonight, please also sign your names asap.

Our Open 4's takes place on Saturday 23rd July so if you have qualified for this please watch out for your starting times. which will be drawn at the weekend. We have had a good response from other clubs and should have about a dozen visiting teams. The boys from Maitland will again be making their journey from Edinburgh with 3 rinks and the Condorrat boys will also be taking their usual 3 rinks along, with rinks also from Rock, Argyle, Duffus Park, Renton, Lochgilphead and Townend, so it should be a good days bowling.

8 July 2016

happy faceCongratulations to our guys winning last night in a very tight game 4pts each +2 shots. The boys rallied during the last couple of ends to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. The result was in doubt right up until the last bowl was thrown, great entertainment.

This format is really exciting and I think the EMJ Top Ten should go back to knockout as the Top Ten format is designed for a knockout tournament and not a league format. Hopefully most clubs will see this and we can get this changed for next season. We now play the  Brock BC away in the semi final on the Thursday 11th August.

James Crichton.



4 July 2016 - Ladies Open Triples on Sunday 10 July

Just a wee reminder that the Ladies are hosting their Open Triples competition on Sunday 10th July. They will be using both greens. Lets hope that the weather is kind to the ladies and that they have a successful tournament.


1 July 2016 - Top Ten Result

Top Ten
Congratulations to our DBA Top Ten team on winning last night against Argyle. Their 6-2 victory puts us in the district final against our neighbours from the Renton BC, which will be played at home on Thursday 14th July. Hopefully we can get a good support down that evening to cheer the guys on.


27 June 2016 - Winners of Syd Walters Triples!

Congratulations to our players who convincingly won the Syd Walters Triples tonight with 14pts and +67 shots. Well done to them. This is our first silverware of the season so let's keep the momentum going.

Syd Walters Triples 2016

1- VoL 14 +67
2- Renton 14 +54
3- Rock 12 +17
4- Dumbarton 10 +1
5- Eastfield 8 -37
6- Argyle 6 -10
7- Brock 4 +18
8- Dumbuck 4 -24
9- Townend 4 -32
10-Dixon 4 -52

2016 DAC Silver Salver (game 5 of 10)happy face

1- Rock 54 +198
2- Renton 49 150
3- VoL 47 +144
4- Dumbuck 39 +108
5- Eastfield 39 +71
6- Dumbarton 34 +62
7- Brock 34 +42
8- Argyle 28 -23
9- Dixon 25 -27
10-Townend 19 -1

Other Updates

The Classified Pairs and 2 Bowl singles have now been drawn. Please check the sheets to confirm your opponent(s)

The McFarlane Triples will be played on Saturday 9th July. Enter your name on the sheet if you want to play in this fixture. The sheet for the popular, annual friendly is also up, so put your name up if you wish to play. This will be played at the Rock on Saturday 16th July.

We play the knockout competition, "The Quaich", on Thursday 7th July. On this occasion no availability sheet will be used. The match committee have decided to go ahead and pick a strong team, so hopefully we can get a good run in this. If you are selected and you cannot make it let one of the match committee know as soon as possible.

Good luck to our Top Ten team who play Argyle away from home on Thursday night at 6.45pm. Why not drop down to the Argyle, have a beer and cheer the boys on?


9 June 2016 - Comment - what has happened to last year's successful team players?

2015 trophies

Many of you will have received James's latest email in which he informs us that only eight names have so far been put forward for the Norrie Stephen Memorial trophy game on Saturday 18th June.

Something seems to have happened since last year, when we had our most successful season in years. There has been a shortage of names for several games and we are not yet half way through the season. Of course we have ultimately managed to get the numbers required for all matches but it would be very embarrassing for us if we failed to do so.

Really, with a club of our size and more than 200 members, finding up to 24 players to represent us in the matches should not be a problem. We must also consider that this has happened during one of the best spells of weather for the beginning of the season that many of us can remember so the reason for the problem is not immediately obvious.

Please consider helping your club out by putting yourself forward for selection if you are available.

(Bryan Weir)


9 June 2016 - DBA Rinks Finalists

Our DBA rinks tournament representatives (I. Barnes Jr, A Davie, Jim MacDonald and I. Robb) have qualified for the DBA finals day for the second year in a row. The final will be played on 26th June at Colgrain against Old Kilpatrick BC. We wish them well and keep this date in your diary. They need your support.

The DBA moved the finals back one day to 26th June, which was the day originally planned for Eric Dow and Jim McKinnon's 50th anniversary celebration. This date was on the fixture list but it will be now be moved to a more suitable Sunday. You will be notified of this when the date is decided.


2 June 2016 Update

VOLBC BadgeMilngavie BC are celebrating their 125th Anniversary this year. We have a friendly against them this Sunday 5 July and we are still looking for three players. Contact the match committee if you would like to play in what should be an enjoyable day. This is an away game and a bus has been organised. This leaves the clubhouse at 13.00.

Names are still required for the Strathleven Rosebowl (11th June), which will be picked on Sunday. We were unfortunate to miss out in the the last cup game, the Kirkwood Bowl, on shots and we are in second place in the Silver Salver, which we hope to retain so put your name up for this and all other fixtures you can manage to allow us to pick the strongest teams.

Good luck to our DBA rink of I. Barnes Jr, A Davie, Jim MacDonald and I. Robb on Tuesday night in the Inter District final against Colgrain. This will be played at the Dixon BC at 6.45pm so let's get in and give them some support.

Good luck to President Alistair and the members this Saturday in the Lomond Cup against Renton BC. It's their 150th anniversary year so it should be an good day..

We have an important league game on Monday. This is away to Renton. We have won our first two and if we can win on Monday it will be a massive step towards the final, good luck guys.


1 June 2016

County Championships District 2 Winners

Congratulations to our fours team who have progressed to the Inter District Final. This will be played next Tuesday 7th June - Dixon BC at 6.45pm.

Junior Singles - R O'Malley (Renton)

Singles - D Beck (Eastfield)

Pairs - N Anderson and K Ward (Dumbarton)

Triples - C Kane, L Kane and P Kane Sr. (Brock)

Rinks - I Barnes jun, A Davie, J McDonald and I Robb (Vale of Leven)

Senior Rinks - K Oliver, J Graham, A King and H Whyte (Rock)

Euro Championship Predictor

The club is doing a predictor for the Euro Championships. The forms are at the bar, £2 per entry with 40% of the takings going to a local charity, 30% going to 1st place, 20% going to 2nd place and 10% going to 3rd place.


May 31 2016

A wee update on results.

Kirkwood Bowl 2016

1- Rock 12+32
2- VoL 12 +26
3- Dumbuck 8+43...
4- Dumbarton 8+61
5- Dixon 8+42
6- Renton 8+20
7- Eastfield 6+7
8- Brock 6-16
9- Argyle 2-5
10-Townend 2-70

Silver Salver 2016 (game 2 of 10)

1- Rock 24+87
2- VoL 19+37
3- Dixon 18+60
4- Renton 17+41
5- Dumbuck 16+59
6- Eastfield 15+42
7- Brock 14+16
8- Argyle 8+23
9- Dumbarton 8+22
10-Townend 5-89

May 5 2016 - County Team Selection

The first county team for the season has been picked. Two from the Vale skipping, Gordon Baxter Junior and Coley McIntyre.

West Dunbarton County Team 2016

April 27 2016

Well that's the 2016 season off to a flyer. The weather has been kind to us in these first couple of weeks and members have already enjoyed two friendlies against Radnor Park and Dixon, in both of which the Vale came out on top.

The sheets currently up are the 1st league game against the Brock on 9th May and the Burgh Cup on Sat 14th May, there has been a poor response for the Burgh Cup so get your name up if you want to help the club defend the silver salver this year. Sheets are also up for the qualifying 4's on 7th May and the qualifying triples on 21st May, if you don't have a team please put your name at the bottom of the sheet and we'll try and find a team for you to play in, these will be drawn a week before the event.

The main three singles competitions, the Championship, PVP and Brock Cup have been drawn. You have a few weeks to play these ties so there's no excuse when the dates are up. Please try and arrange your ties with your opponent asap.

The players have now been selected for the DBA and Bowls Scotland competitions (see below). Some changes were required due to holiday commitments but can you please sing the sheet to indicate that you are available as soon as possible. Good luck to all selected.


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